How to order:


1. Browse our dessert options below


2. Select which order form best suits your dessert needs


3. Fill out the form (be sure to read each section on the form carefully)


4. Wait to be contacted to go over design options, and availability. Please allow 2 - 3 business days. Thank you!


*Please note that submitting an order form does not guarantee your order. Orders are placed by our availability and locked in when a deposit is paid. You can always inquire about our availability at any time before filling out an order form via email: neenasmacarons@gmail.com


We are currently only booking for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER ONLY.

December and January books will open at the end of November and so on. We will only be booking 1 - 2 months at a time to better stay organized and focused on current orders. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note: We will not respond to orders that are submitted for other months that what we are not currently booking for. Thank you for your understanding.


Classic French Macarons

Our Classic French Macarons are the perfect addition to any party or dessert table. We create small batch hand crafted macarons filled with love. Your party guests will rave about your choice in dessert all night.. and week too!


Custom Shaped Macarons

Our Custom Shaped Macarons are hand crafted to elevate the boundaries of the traditional french macaron. We try our best to customize your macarons to have your party guests saying "I can't believe that's a macaron!"

We take pride that we are well known in the Tampa Bay area for our custom shaped macarons. What cool and unique shapes would you love to see take macaron form?


Number/Letter Cakes

Our Number and Letter Cakes are the perfect way to give traditional celebration cakes a run for their money, they are unique and 100% customizable to your event.


We offer both traditional cake and our signature tart dough (shortbread) of course for plenty of options, but if you ask me our tart dough is my personal favorite as I've never been the biggest fan of traditional cake! It's buttery, soft and tender and just melts in your mouth!


Churro Cheesecakes

Our Churro Cheesecakes are beyond delicious! It's a fun twist on traditional cheesecake and definitely loved by those who don't care for a traditional birthday cake (like me!).


Round Cakes

We now offer traditional round cakes! We are still expanding our cake style but super excited to find our cake style soon, in the mean time feel free to send any inspiration pictures but keep in mind I try not to copy another bakers work verbatim.


Also we do not cover cakes in fondant, though we do offer fondant accents and decorations!


Weddings and larger events

Please contact us for quantities and quotes.